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Why Deborah Norton Offers More to Seniors Than Other Realtors 
(including other Senior Real Estate Specialists)

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist/Senior Move Manager, I provide a full-service team of trustworthy, patient, and caring professionals [who I hand-picked] to provide the unique & superior level of service that Seniors need & deserve!

When you hire ANY other Realtor, you will also have to interview & hire someone different to help with all of the services listed below. And you have to find movers who you can trust.

The result I provide for my Senior clients is LESS STRESS, LESS WORK, LESS TIME, … and LOWER COSTS!

My one-of-a-kind service package designed exclusively for Seniors will save you THOUSANDS!!!!

My team of professionals who are trustworthy, patient, and compassionate include:

  • Experts in Decluttering & Purging, 

  • Experts in Donating, Recycling & Disposing,

  • Experts in Packing & Unpacking,

  • Experts in Real Estate listing at 1%

  • Movers,

  • Real Estate Lawyers,

  • & More!

Caring about the safety, security, comfort, and happiness of seniors, my mission is to provide specialized skills, full service, & special expertise when selling a home for seniors, combined with the highest level of integrity, patience, and care … all uniquely tailored to the custom needs & expectations of seniors!  "Do what you love - love what you do"
-Debbie Norton

We tailor fit our services to fit your needs!


Hire a Realtor® that Specializes in Senior Moves

FACT: 1% of Realtors® in Florida are qualified to work with Seniors.


As a Senior Real Estate Specialist/Senior Move Manager, I help seniors navigate the sale of their home by providing a patient, specialized, and compassionate one-stop service from start to finish. My full team eliminates all of the extra phone calls, interviewing, hiring, stress and costs that you’ll have to endure.


A Realtor who knows how to help seniors and their families through this transition of selling their home and downsizing is very important.

The National Association of Realtors created a special designation for Realtors who work with seniors. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES)  credentials guarantees that a Realtor has learned how to be the best in servicing the needs of seniors who are selling their home.  To qualify, a licensed real estate agent must complete a training program that helps them learn more about the challenges of moving when retired.


The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM®)

Recognizing and managing the stress of relocating older adults, individuals and families is the hallmark of the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers® (NASMM).

Additionally, NASMM members will help you downsize, organize and/or simplify your current home through our NASMM @ Home program. NASMM Senior Move Managers® have significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce quality results.

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